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 and Water Damage Restoration Service


Heaven Scent Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration Services is  located in Coloma Michigan and serves surrounding areas of Benton Harbor, Bridgman, Coloma, Dowagiac, Eau Clair, Hartford, New Buffalo, Niles, Saint Joseph, Stevensville, Watervilet and South Bend, Indiana. Heaven Scent Carpet Cleaning has been providing professional cleaning services to the Michiana area for over 10 years with experience in quality carpet cleaning, upholstery, ceramic tile and grout flooring. Using proven and tested environmentally safe products for pets, children and the environment, we can remove hard to clean pet stains and those pesky pet odors from old and new carpet, as well as furniture. With Offices based in South West Michigan, we will travel where you need us to be.  24 hours, 7 days a week, we've been providing quality carpet, upholstery and ceramic tile cleaning with environmentally safe products.


Water is one of the most powerful and destructive element in the world, where even a single drop can shape a stone or destroy your basement.

Water emergency can happen at any given time and whenleast expected. With the changing of the seasons comes basement floods, frozen pipes, roof leaks. Sewage backups, toilet over ­ flows or other flooding caused by old or faulty plumbing.


You do not have to wait for water damage to happen to clean  your carpets, it is recommended by carpet manufacturers to  have your home or office professionally steam cleaned at least twice a year. In the heavy foot traffic areas of home or office, you may require more frequent steam cleaning. For any carpet cleaning needs, our certified cleaning and restoration specialists will get you back into your home or place of business as soon as possible.

It is important to address water damage immediately, within minutes after the water damage occurs it will begin to damage furniture, stain carpets, and lock moisture into the surfaces, causing the growth of bacteria and musty mildew odors affecting the air that you breath.


From Home to Residential, if you Got Flood, we can Dry That. Providing Tile and Grout floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture and bedding mattresses. Trust Heaven Scent Carpet Cleaning to provide quality cleaning and care of your home and office.  


If you delay the cleaning of the water damage, even for just a couple of hours. Metal surfaces begin to rust, doors and windows may begin to swell. For as long as the water damaged area remains untreated, it will take twice as long to clean or restore it.